We build custom software solutions and provide support for legacy systems. With an attention to detail and focus on customer needs, we pride ourselves in our high quality consulting services. Tiamatica is based in Malmö, Sweden, and has both local and global clients.

APL inside

To allow for efficient and powerful prototyping, we often use the APL language from an early stage. APL is a programming language that uses mathematical notation and special symbols to represent functions and operators. Combined with a modern and powerful IDE, this leads to a fast and lean development cycle.

Modern software solutions

With every project we take on, we carefully consider the latest technology and design a complete end-to-end solution using the best components. Everything from front-end to back-end web application development and hosting in the cloud is managed by our full-stack development team.

Legacy system support

Legacy systems are very valuable to our customers. We help them get the most out of their existing systems and – where desirable – replace components with modern tools to either increase performance or give them a new lease of life. We also help integrating legacy systems with modern web technologies.